Find Out The Best Online Betting Sites

Find Out The Best Online Betting Sites

Laying wagers by means of the World Wide Web is becoming an increasingly popular form of betting, thanks to the wonderful offers in place for bettors and the incredible convenience of being able to do so from anywhere at all, at any time of night or day that the best online betting sites provide. Thanks to the increasing levels of sophistication we are enjoying on our mobile devices as well, the convenience factor is always increasing, and there are fewer and fewer limits in place as to our betting activities. Read more

Would you back the underdog?

Would you back the underdog?

When it comes to online sports betting, a number of bettors will often go with the safest option as opposed to the underdogs. However, there is a whole world of potential involved in betting on the underdog in any of the most popular sports. Almost every bettor has a favourite team and they will almost always bet on the team that they most enjoy or want to win, but is this the best strategy? We are here to take a look at the facts involved in betting on an underdog and let you decide for yourself whether this bet is worth the risk. Read more

Why You Should Start With Simple Bets

Why You Should Start With Simple Bets

It happens often, we sign up to enjoy online sports betting at one of the most reputable sports books in New Zealand and we are overwhelmed by the countless options that are available to us. I t is easy for any person to fall into the trap of making too many bets too soon. This article will outline a few reasons why you should start with simple bets and progressively build to more complex betting strategies. Read more

Form Explained

You may have heard the term “form” used from time to time with regards to betting. The concept of “form” seems to be an amorphous one, with many people sharing an altogether different understanding of what ‘form” means. In terms of betting, “form” is used to describe a combination of aspects that communicate the essential nature and standing of a team.

This includes the team’s historical performance, the results of head-to head meetings, as well as how the team faired at particular gaming venues. This information is used to compile the odds and the probability of each betting option can then be calculated as a result. Read more

Guide to Betting on the NBA: Types of Wagers

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that is played and watched in the United States, with the NBA (National Basketball Association) being the preeminent league to watch and bet on.

Although it might appear that American basketball and their leagues dominate the landscape and commandeer the most hype and attention, basketball is becoming an increasingly popular sport around the world, with growing fan bases stretching from traditional basketball strongholds such as New York all the way down south to the shores of New Zealand. Read more

Placing Political Bets

Political bets for New Zealanders are considered to be a much more niche type of wagering, as apposed to betting on sports such as rugby or cricket. Political bets involve predicting the results of certain political situations, such as which presidential candidate will and up being victorious. These bets can be placed on the political situations across the world, but may be limited by the betting options offered by particular online bookmakers.

The most common political bets are on presidential elections. Those held in the United States are most commonly bet on, and the unexpected upset of Donald Trump becoming president illustrate why. The local political scene in New Zealand can also be bet on, however, and those interested in such betting are always keep a close eye on how political events are unfolding. Read more

The Online Sports Betting Domain

With all land based sports betting controlled by The New Zealand Racing board, operating numerous TAB establishments, which provide punters with fixed and pari-mutuel odds, punters seeking to broaden their betting spread should consider online sports betting platforms.

The Internet is slowly becoming industry standard for all betting activities. Year on year growth continues to foster dynamism within the industry. Punters have a world of online sports betting at their fingertips. Read more

Alpine Skiing, Another Online Sports Betting Option

Alpine Skiing, also called downhill skiing to distinguish it from its cross-country cousin, is by its very nature a sport that will never be as universal as football, motor racing or boxing. It can only take place within a specific geography and climate, so not every country is equipped to offer enthusiasts the right terrain.

Nevertheless, there are now more than 60-million people who partake in Alpine Skiing, mainly in North America, Europe and Japan, and many millions more who watch the sport’s major championships on satellite television around the world. In some cases, these dedicated Alpine Skiing fans have nowhere to try the sport in their home countries, but TV coverage allows them to follow all the action like experts. Online betting sites allow them to take a flutter on the results. Read more